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Receive 50% off Awapuhi Deep Conditioning treatment with any color service.

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Offer is available to all customers who receive a color treatment of any kind
Both color and conditioning treatment need to be received in one sitting
This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount
Use coupon code SGDC114.

50% Off deep conditioning treatment

Why get a deep conditioning treatment?

Wind and chill can take a heavy tall on your hair making it dry and prone to breakage.
A deep conditioning treatment will reduces breakage up to 80%, improves shine up to 35% and prevents color fade up to 67%.
Ideal for naturally dry, sun-damaged or chemically treated hair.
Exclusive KeraTriplex® absorbs into the hair to repair and seal damaged sites.
Three distinct keratin proteins penetrate into the cortex, repair the cuticle and protect the surface to prevent further damage.
An infusion of intense moisture instantly conditions and improves hair texture.

What is Awapuhi Ginger?

50% Off deep conditioning treatment

Awapuhi is a native Hawaiian plant that has been used by the indigenous people of these islands for hundreds of years. It is often referred to as “shampoo ginger,” and its most well-known use is that of a shampoo and hair conditioner. However, the gel from the flowers is also used as a massage lubricant, the root is used for indigestion, toothache, and sprains and as a fragrance to scent clothing, and the leaves can be used as a flavoring for foods. The root of the plant was not traditionally used in cooking (as common ginger is), but you can drink the flower gel to quench your thirst. Awapuhi is a perennial plant; it dies back each winter, and grows anew in the spring. The leaf stalks are the first to emerge, growing up to three feet tall with several blade-like leaves on each stalk. During the summer months, the flower stalk emerges from the soil, rather than growing from the leaf stalk as one might expect. The flower is club shaped with overlapping scales that fill with liquid as the flower matures and turns red. After the flower dies in the fall, the roots are harvested and dried for later use (see the Solar Dehydration Shed for more on this).

Paul Mitchell Farm

50% Off deep conditioning treatment

The John Paul Mitchell Systems Awapuhi Farm was established over 25 years ago by Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria. Paul Mitchell came to Hawai’i after leaving a successful career of styling in England. Meanwhile, John Paul DeJoria had decided that he was ready for a career change after reaching the limit of what he could accomplish with other hair care companies. They were each in search of something new and different. Together they created John Paul Mitchell Systems. While pursuing a lifestyle that was more connected to nature and more in tune with their beliefs, they purchased the land in Pa’auilo, Hawaii that would become the Farm, and were inspired by the lush natural beauty, and the abundance of edible and medicinal plants. When they learned of the wild ginger that native Hawaiians had used for centuries to soften and condition their hair, Paul and John Paul decided to grow this plant on the Farm and use it in their line of hair care products. This was the beginning of the John Paul Mitchell Systems Awapuhi Farm. You can read more here.